At their recent annual conference, MongoDB World 2015, MongoDB announced a number of interesting new features slated for Version 3.2 of MongoDB.

Here's a summary of the new features mentioned in the announcement:

  • Support for BI and Visualization Tools. A new connector for BI and visualization provides SQL-based access to MongoDB, opening up data from modern applications to the BI and Visualization tools used by 100s of millions of information workers, including Tableau, BusinessObjects, Qlik, and Cognos. The connector provides unprecedented performance and scalability by leveraging MongoDB’s powerful Aggregation Framework to process data within the database.

  • Encryption for Data at Rest. Building on MongoDB’s extensive security features, including encryption for data on the wire, MongoDB 3.2 will add a new option for encrypting data at rest, with keys secured by the industry standard Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP). At-rest encryption is especially critical for regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, retailers and certain government agencies. Security is top of mind for CIOs today, and with encryption for data at rest organizations can address their stringent security requirements.

  • Document Validation. For decades, organizations have relied on databases to play an integral role in their data governance strategy by ensuring the quality and integrity of their data. With MongoDB 3.2, document validation rules can be applied to one or more fields to verify data types, values and the presence of mandatory fields. By combining document validation with MongoDB’s dynamic schema, organizations will have enormous flexibility in defining rules that ensure data quality while simplifying application development.

  • Dynamic Lookups. A key to enabling access to BI and Visualization tools is the ability to combine data across collections. Lookups provide greater flexibility for modeling data and add to the wide range of use cases for which MongoDB is well suited. With MongoDB 3.2, lookups will be available as part of the Aggregation Framework.

  • Schema Visualization. A new graphical interface to MongoDB, code named mongoScout, will provide developers and DBAs a powerful, intuitive interface for exploring and understanding their data structure. In addition to displaying individual documents, mongoScout analyzes collections to visualize the existence of fields and the cardinality of their values. DBAs and developers can use mongoScout to make intelligent decisions about indexes and validation rules.

I haven't been able to find any further details related to the Document Validation feature. I'm curious to know how this will be implemented.

A follow-up announcement will be released soon with information about the availability of an advanced beta program for previewing these new features before their full release, which is slated for Q4 2015.