I just came across a new (to me) developer/DBA tool for MongoDB called MongoChef. And I'm finding that the Chef is quite talented.

Query Builder

The visual Query Builder is what people new to MongoDB (and partial to SQL syntax) will appreciate the most, because it eases you into the JSON-based query language that is natively supported by MongoDB, making you productive with MongoDB immediately.

You can easily:

  1. Select a "table" (MongoDB Collection, as in the left-most pane in the screenshot below)
  2. Drag a field from the table-view of your MongoDB Collection (the middle pane below), and
  3. Drop the field into the Query Builder (the right-most pane) to build up your "where" clause and to specify sorting and projection (which fields should be included or excluded)

Screenshot 1 - MongoChef Query Builder

MongoDB 3.x Support

One of the shortcomings of some other offerings such as RoboMongo is lack of support for the new storage engines introduced in MongoDB 3.0.

MongoChef fully supports MongoDB 3.0, including the WiredTiger and In-memory storage engines.


MongoChef is offered for free for "non-commercial" use, which I take to mean that if you are simply using it to personally learn MongoDB, you are honoring the terms of the free license. Otherwise, MongoChef is licensed per-person (on as many machines as that person wishes to use) for $99.


MongoChef by 3T Software Labs is a worthwile tool with many useful features. It comes recommended/sponsored by Red Gate Software. Check it out by registering on the 3T website.